Do you need a quiet meeting venue for two or are you planning a big occasion? Our diverse seminar rooms can accommodate 600 guests in total. Whether it is for an international conference, the presentation of your new products, diverse workshops or an exciting lecture series – our experienced seminar team will happily put together an offer tailor-made to your needs.


Tackling winter!
From 17th December 2018 to 17th February 2019 you will benefit from our special prices. In winter the price per person per day is 80 francs instead of 90 to hold a meeting in our modern seminar rooms, with a capacity from 6 to 400 people. The romantic hotel park inspires your thoughts and creates a relaxing atmosphere right in the centre of Basel.
Includes: large buffets in the breaks, lunch in the park, room rental and the standard technology.


Benefit from our friendly and dedicated service and our 150 years’ experience hosting meetings and seminars. As long as you let us know in good time, almost anything is possible!
But even with standard room rental you can get started right away, as every seminar room is equipped with WIFI, a flipchart, a bulletin board and a toolbox for the presenter.
A variety of other devices such as a projector, laptop, microphone system, etc. are available to rent from us.
The bigger meeting rooms are equipped with a projector with Clickshare function and integrated Blu-Ray player.



Group work, small meetings, creativity and energy, games and exercise… a quick tip: in summer it is worthwhile taking some aspects of your meeting or the whole seminar outside to the inviting and spacious hotel park.
Even for those who prefer to work inside, the old park in the centre of Basel shields you from the hustle and bustle of the city! Detached from everyday life, the park will refresh you and make you a lot more productive.
The participants are welcomed by a relaxing atmosphere created by old giant trees in the park.
A great and efficient trick for the presenter of the meeting: in blocked negotiations a quick walk through the vineyards can get the ball rolling again. Coffee breaks and lunch are enjoyed under the open sky so that the fresh air can revive the mind and body and the participants will be fresh and invigorated ready to get back to working, learning and developing,…


Successful meeting organisers have always known “the quality of the food and drink can make or break a meeting”, although they never mention this as they don’t want to worry the speakers. Therefore, we have thought up something special for you.

We have put together some attractive package deals for those of you who prefer to leave the details about food and drink up to our attentive and friendly all-round professionals. Our selection of two-course business lunches and standing buffets will delight both vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Our breaktime buffets in the park are iconic.


Coffee under our giant trees on arrival, lunch in our casual aperitif atmosphere, coffee breaks brought to you in the meeting rooms or aperitifs in our comfortable pavilion to finish the day?
Let us know what you are looking for.